Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sunny Side Up? An insight into Maggie Thatcher's diet..

New papers recently uploaded on the internet reveal Margaret Thatcher, Tory leader extraordinaire, was on a serious egg bender prior to her '79 general election victory. Apparently she was knocking back 28 eggs a week, and on Thursdays was eating the yellow eyes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On days when she ate meat Thatcher allowed herself a chaser of whisky.

Interestingly, referring to herself in the third person in a famous speech, Thatcher claimed 'the lady's not for turning'. Crucially this very statement could be the perfect explanation for her famed icy temperament. Dubbed the Iron Lady, wouldn't you be slightly cheesed of if you'd been having your omelets burnt on one side and runny on the other for weeks on end?

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