Saturday, 13 February 2010

Seychellian Chili Scone Recipe

Much like Icarus flying so close to the sun that his wax and feather wings melted right off, some things have to be taken to extremes. One of these things is vegetable cake.

Now I've tried Parsnip cake, I've tried Chocolate Sauerkraut cake and I've tried courgette cake. They were all nice, but something seemed lacking. It took me some time to realise what; but when i did it was a realisation of Newtonian proportions. I posed myself the question, which vegetable would you put in a dish to take it to it's utmost denouement? A chili pepper of course.

Just before Christmas I was round my mate Paul's house and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try our hands at rustling up some chili cakes - his mum's from Seychelles where apparently they bat no eyelid at the thought of putting chili in a cake.

After a quick google trawl for a recipe and a trip to the shops we were ready to go -

300 grams of dhall
3 chilies
A handful of chopped coriander
Half a teaspoon of cumin powder
A couple of spring onions (cut up)
A pinch of salt

  • You're supposed to wash the dhall overnight but we only had time for an hour (maybe this is where it all went wrong..).
  • Then you blend the dhall, add all the other ingredients, mould into balls and deep fry. (Sadly we had no real option to deep fry so we baked instead.)
2009-12-14 15.51.12
(please don't use laundry juice as an ingredient)

Unfortunately our Chili cakes ended up a bit wrong. In my head I'd pictured the Indian Ocean equivalent of the cheese scone. In reality i got a bland onion bhagee a like. Rubbish.

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