Thursday, 11 February 2010

Colalife - 'I'd like to buy the world... some oral re-hydration salts?'

My main problem with global travel nowadays is that no one place is that different from another. You can buy a Big Mac in Phnom Penh, shop Ikea in Hong Kong and buy a Gillette razor in Malawi. You can buy Coca-Cola, the sworn enemy of all Student Unions, almost anywhere.

Fortunately, Simon, an aid worker who's spent years working in Zambia, a place where child mortality is sky high 'cause of lack of such simple products as anti-malarials or oral re-hydration salts, has a genius solution to connect these two problems. Harness the insanely prolific Coca-Cola's prolific distribution machine to deliver 'pods' of these medications to every far-flung places you can imagine. Read all about it at his blog.

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