Thursday, 10 December 2009

Feeding the 5000

Food waste annoys me. A lot. I briefly temped in a high profile organic yogurt companies factory last year and was dismayed at how much perfectly edible stuff was just chucked out. This problem is a global one, and to prove it we'll throw two brief facts at you; firstly, that UK households waste 25% of all the food they buy and secondly, that ten percent of rich countries greenhouse gas emissions come from growing food that is never eaten.

Fortunately taking place this Wednesday in Trafalgar Square is an event designed to highlight this very problem. A free lunch made from ingredients that would otherwise have been wasted will be prepared for 5000 people. The event has been organised in conjunction with charities such as Save the Children and Act!onaid. Click here if you fancy perusing some more info.

On a similar note check back soon for a coupla articles on foraging and an attempt at freeganism.

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