Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Spit Roast Lamb - Spit Roasting DIY

A week or so ago I had a hand in spit roasting two lambs over an open fire. 

Oddly I have a little bit of experience in doing such things.. Going back a few years, I invited a big group of friends round for a pig / hog roast. Good fun, lots of things learnt. We bought in a barrel of Stowfords Press (export which was abbout 6%).. Lethal.

The actual roasting was a great success. I used a scaffold pole as a spit. I made a "fire box" from an old 45 gallon oil barrel sliced in half with an angle grinder. Very Heath-Robinson.. but totally ace. It was such an effective construction that a good friend of mine bought it off me as he wanted it for himself!

The second time I spit roasted a pig was a couple of years later. I organised a small Music festival. The tickets were free - I hoped to raise money to pay for the event through selling roast pork / pork rolls. We had the worlds largest tray of sage and onion stuffing. The music festival was a success. The pork, apple sauce, and stuffing rolls sold like hot-cakes!

I used a scaffolding pole as a spit, and also some threaded bar - used as bolts to securely hold the pig onto the spit. (very frankenstein)

Below are the lamb photos..

Confusion .. "which end in first?"

Below you can see the hammering of a scaffold pole up the rear end of a lamb! It seems to be traditional to shout amusing phrases like "can you see it going in?"  when doing such a task..

The beady-eyed amongst you will notice the magnificent scaffolding structure that I devised to keep the English rain off our roasting. A simple A-Frame combined with an old barn door.

Below you can see the lambs with the threaded bars to secure them on the spit. good stuff!

Post- Roast. Removing the grill / bolts for carving in the marquee. Tasty Tasty!

big smiles all round.

ps. If you need a free-lance spit roaster - I'm your man!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Food Related Photos

A few we like..

Coming soon: Evil dictators and what their diets say about them...
And also Parsnip Cake!