Thursday, 28 May 2009

Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble

Rhubarb + Ginger Crumble

It's an easy one this.

Demerara Sugar
Butter (unsalted)
Plain Flour

1. Get Rhubarb. Enough for your needs. Chop it up good. Lengths of about 4-5 cm. If the Rhubarb is thick chop it width ways to make it nice and thin. I think you want longish, not too fat rhubarb pieces.

2. Ginger. Optional, but highly recommended. Chop up (or grate) as much or as little as you feel is needed. Add that to your rhubarb pieces. Some people use ground ginger.

3. Place the rhubarb + ginger into a suitable dish.  Sprinkle a healthy amount of demerara - obviously more or less depending on how sweet you like these things. Stick it in the oven with a couple of spoons of water to get the rhubarb on the way to being nicely cooked. (Give it 10 mins or so)

4. The crumble itself. Get some plain flour. I then add about 1/3 butter to 2/3 flour. I use a knife to 'chop' the butter into the flour to begin with.. I then use my fingers to thoroughly rub the butter and flour together to make the crumble.

5. Remove cooking rhubarb + ginger from oven

6. Cover the top with your crumble mix..

7. Sprinkle demerara on top.. 

8. Stick it in the oven at about 150deg C until its all nicely cooked (golden on top). Probably 30-40 mins.

9. Eat. Totally ace with greek yoghurt.

I ended up having a somewhat lengthy, and confusing discussion as to whether rhubarb was a vegetable or not...

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