Saturday, 23 May 2009

Innovations in the cheese on toast field: egg as an appropriate entity...

I have to say my gran is quite a dashing older lady, however, more important is her input into the complex science of cheese on toast. Many distinguished scholars have often compared her pre-eminent advances in the field to the impact Darwin's Origin of the Species had on Evolutionary theory. Detractors however point to the striking similarity between her advances and so called 'Welsh' 'Rarebit', this is churlish we believe, and her innovation is clearly a separate entity in its own right. Even the Soviets were listening, rumour has it there's a whole filing cabinet dedicated to her work in a deep dark corner of the Kremlin. The most inspired addition is egg - it doesn't take an innovator to know eggs are nutritious. Below we brief you on her findings. 

To begin you break an egg into a bowl, add grated cheese and scramble with a fork. Add wholegrain mustard and a splosh of Worcestershire Sauce. Mix well. Toast bread. Add cheese/egg/mustard/Worcester mix to bread surface and grill. Completion. 
Brief no?

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  1. this is clearly an innovation! eggs. Eggs. EGGS!