Saturday, 30 May 2009

Kerouac and Dylan; their relevance to food considered..

The most common precepts of religion - known as the Two Pillars of Wisdom - are that there is God, and that compassion is the way of being. It's widely been extrapolated, however, that Bob Dylan and Jack kerouac are in fact the only twin pillars of wisdom worth listening and paying attention to. 

Perhaps this means On The Road or Blonde on Blonde should take on some kind of greater significance? Unfortunately we know nothing more than that On The Road is a cracking book and Blonde on Blonde a great album. Clearly, as influential thinkers within the 20th century cultural zeitgeist, it is crucial that their relation to food is discussed within this blog.

Initially we were unsure what relations Dylan had to food, so undertook a careful analysis of his back catalogue. Sadly, few references to food were found, except for maybe "Hot chili peppers in the blistering sun" or a "Country Pie", however included here is a download of one of his excellent Theme Time radio shows, this time on the subject of food...

Jack Kerouac on the other hand wrote frequently about food, his fast paced evocative prose making it all the more tangible. Open-fire cooked canned macaroni cheese and peanut butter never sounded so good! If you check this website out (only thing that isn't cool is it's kind of a fey poetry magazine named after the man himself - which maybe tarnishes Kerouac's memory..) You can see all the different times he wrote about food and maybe pick up some recipes to boot!

Vitally, as this article shows, both artists, whilst being important in their respective fields, can be said to have contributed significantly to the realm of nourishment narration too. 

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