Sunday, 31 May 2009

jerk my goat - bbq

In light of the 'el-sorchio' weather, we fired up the rickety old bbq. I've wanted to cook goat ever since the butcher across the road from my house put up a sign in his window saying "we now stock goat".

I had a a quick browse on the internet for some goat related inspiration - of which there was plenty.

I quite fancied giving 'jerk' a bit of a go. Apparently, a traditional Jamaican style of cooking goat.

Key ingredients of jerk:

allspice (pimento)

scotch bonnet peppers





all smashed and bashed together. Its supposed to be a 'dry rub'.

The jerk seasoning was made up, then rubbed well onto the goat. I left it for a couple of hours to do its business while the bbq built up heat. I did drizzle a little olive oil over the goat before cooking.

The butcher told me to cook it slowly. I used tin foil on the bbq to slow the cooking down.

Whilst other more regular bbq items (burgers, kebabs etc) were cooked, the goat slowly, but surely did its thing.

Whilst I'm talking about kebabs - I'll let you in on a top tip: old bicycle spokes make excellent kebab skewers! I cut 10 spokes from an old bicycle wheel, cleaned them up thoroughly.. They did an excellent job. (and were free!)

Moving back to the goat.

It was great! Very tasty.

I'll cook goat again no doubt. I have plans for both curried goat, and also a roast goat leg.

Get a goat on your bbq!

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  1. Hey mang,

    Goat rules. It's such a clean, lean meat and I have no idea why the US doesn't consume more. You can check the stats, but I believe it's the largest consumed meat for the rest of the world. As far as eating temps, you can cook it to just 125 and it's GREAT. Love the goat. It accepts so many different herbs & spices so wonderfully. Oh, and it dearly surrenders to citrus, ya know?