Friday, 8 May 2009

The jelly baby showdown, Fortnum & Mason vs Bassetts

Fortnum & Mason - Purported to be purveyors of fine food and drink.

Bassetts - Makers of Sweets and Confectionary since 1842.

There has been a question that has been troubling me for quite some time: Who makes the best jelly babies - Fortnums, or Bassetts?

It is a tough call. 

In the green corner, we have Fortnum & Mason..  In the red corner Bassetts

Clearly the offering from Fortnum and Mason is larger.

The Bassetts jelly babies are significantly more rotund compared to Fortnums.

Taste wise, the Bassetts jelly babies are sweeter, more sugary. The Fortnum & Mason babies are more fruity.

In terms of texture, the Fortnum's babies have a harder / less squishy body. (Bassetts are softer)

I feel that the colours of the Fortnum babies are more natural - (above: left, Bassetts 'Lemon', right Fortnums 'Lemon')

Tasting notes.

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