Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Afghan, Rusholme

Following on from the delightful trip to Habesha, it was decided that we should take a trip to one of Rushholme's more understated cafes. Unlike a great deal of the other venues along the curry mile the Afhan Cuisine is not adorned from pillar to post with neon lighting, nor is there a slightly overweight, middle-aged man trying to tempt you in with offers of a 15% discount. Its certainly not another '£10-for-a-plate-of-slop' curry house.

There are two parts to the Afghan, upstairs, and downstairs. Upstairs offering more of a restaurant feel, and downstairs a cafe atmosphere. I prefer downstairs. Simple, diner-style furniture and large glass windows that allow an excellent, almost panoramic, view of the the curry mile.

[photo: joe sheffer]

We ate Quabily Pillow, Ashek, Challow Kebab. The food was hot, tasty, and arrived within minutes. The Quabilly Pillow is text-book, traditional middle eastern cuisine - the national dish of Afghanistan. It is essentially rice (lots) raisons, sliced fried carrot and lamb. The Challow kebab - served with white fluffy rice, cooked tomato and a roasted whole onion.

We drank a mint tea from dinky glasses.

Overall the Afghan offered a laid back, authentic (and cheap!) evening out. Varied flavours and spices, very friendly staff.

A selection of quotes from the evening:

"definitely got mint leaves going on" [rory on the subject of tea]

"nice foliage"

"I'm not sure if I have any thoughts ever" [rory, on life in general]

"its a dough that becomes crust with a filling of almonds, butter and sugar" [Morgane - talking about her crusty dough].

Props to Morgane - our French correspondent - for joining in on the trip, and taking the photos.. though the less said about the melodica the bettter.


Charlie.. (boucher, pompier, dompteur, et pĂȘcheur de haute mer)



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