Saturday, 28 February 2009

Friday, 20 February 2009

This Is Why You're Fat

If I'm honest I don't really get it, but i think this blog's literally just all about pictures of epically gross food...

Particularly choice is the McNuggetini shown above or also a roast dinner involving packing 12 different bird carcasses into one meaty package - fowl/foul!?

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Recession Cooking (Dig For Victory?)

Much like the British government's WW2 Dig For Victory campaign (which turned out a nation eating a diet very similar to that now advised by diet nutritionists!), the credit crunch clearly has the potential to harness bad times to help our fair nation end up chowing down on a much healthier diet. We particularly like the fact this was deemed the 'Kitchen Front' in WW2...

Essentially the point is that frugality should encourage less extravagance in the eating and boozing departments. For example you'd hope to see sales of ready meals down and raw ingredients way up. This alone would be a good thing - ready meals are clearly rubbish and are also notoriously high in salt.

Sadly this doesn't seem to be the case and this is likely due to a drastic downturn in people who can actually, y'know, follow a few instructions and cook something. Fast food outlets like Domino's, Mccdonald's and KFC are currently raking it in.

The whole premise is, i guess, that if you can you can buy a bargain bucket of deep fried chicken to feed your family of four for a tenner, you're doing pretty well in the value for money department right? This is probably not a great thing, however, for a nation already supposed to be on a fast track to serious obesity problems - it's not so much 'kitchen front' as "hang on, is that a pillow down your front?" All in all quite a wasted opportunity...

On the business side of things the falling pound has at least a few plus points - usually cheap Argentinean, Brazilian and European meat has become less affordable and the credit crunch has made collateral to guarantee payments on these overseas meat shipments harder to come by. These factors are both pretty great for Britain's struggling livestock farmers. Probably offsetting these gains, however, is the pressure retailers have been heaping on farmers to drop their already (arguably) very low prices.

Furthermore on the subject of meat, we'd like to note that Offal could perhaps be the perfect answer to keeping carnivorous in these tough economic times! Market analyst Mintel is expecting sales of offal to reach a high of £62 million this year as one in five Briton's trade down to cheaper cuts of meat.

Who needs greasy deep fried chicken when there could be a Bath's Chap or some Faggots on your dinner table!? For all the offal layman out there that's a pig's cheek and a sort of scummy meat ball...

Friday, 6 February 2009

Palestinian Beans!

In solidarity with our Palestinian brethren we thought we'd utilise the gigantic amount of traffic our blog receives (spot the vast over statement..) to help a good cause, the Disasters Emergency Committees "Gaza Crisis Appeal".

Unlike the BBC we figured we were canny enough to walk this metaphorical tightrope of controversiality whilst still avoiding that partisan problem so tricky in respected public service bodies such as ourselves and the Beeb. Mostly because this is a food blog, food had to be involved at some point, so here it is, an introduction to Palestinian cuisine - Ful medames...

Ful medames is often eaten at breakfast and involves Fava beans mashed up a bit and then slow cooked with olive oil, onion, garlic and lemon juice. As it's very filling some religious people like to eat it for breakfast on days when they have to fast between sunrise and sunset...we consider this cheating a little bit.

Mine came from a tin and tasted great with a bit of yogurt!

Give money to the Gaza crisis appeal.