Monday, 12 January 2009


A while back we conducted an investigation into a jar of special edition Guinness Marmite.

If we were to extract the key point from this investigation, it was that Guinness Marmite was actually totally ace. As you could imagine, I was delighted to learn of a new type of Marmite:

Lovely. Its still very much Marmite, but this is a rather bourgeois relative, featuring a cheeky dash of champagne! Luxury combined with 1900s factory sludge - Yum.

On the nose, you get a lovely waft of bubbly champagne, combined with that distinctive yeasty aroma.

In the jar it appears as you would expect, dark brown and sticky.

In the mouth (obviously spread thinly on buttered toast), it presses all the right Marmite buttons, salty, savory goodness.

Premature perhaps, but the perfect gift for a loved one on February 14th?

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