Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Tuesday Triumphs

Tuesday night, perfect weather for boozing. I'm playing catch up. Both Sunday and Monday passed without any Advent beers.

1. Starting things off quietly with McKenna's Porter from Marble Beers Ltd. An excellent start. Dark, coffee tasting beer. Subtle flavours - a winner for first pint choice. Drinkability - Its not one to drink many of. Good December beer - made mostly from peat, coal, and logs.

2. Bearskinful - Bear Town Brewery. 

Excellent beer. Dangerously easy to drink - a winner for prolonged boozing. Good clean aftertaste.

3.  Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier. (Below are the pouring instructions) 

I am a massive fan of bananas. This beer does what Golden Glory does not. It brings soft fruit to the drinking table. Subtle, banana tastes, creamy soft textures. Best beer of the evening..

Big up your tankards,

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