Saturday, 6 December 2008

Saturday, 6th December

A crisp, dry day calls for a complementing choice on the beer front.

In an attempt to draw a line under the disappointment of yesterday, I have selected 'Golden Glory', one of the Badger ales from Hall and Woodhouse. Winner of the Tesco Beer Challenge, and also winner of the Beer and Cider category at the Quality Food and Drink Awards. Clearly a beer of high regard.

The 500 ml bottle of 4.5% vol. beer from Dorset is certainly fruity. Its not one I'd like to drink many of. Very sweet. The Label displays a 'Peach & Melon Aroma'. I'm no fruit-shy apple dodger, however, this particular smell seems so artificial it's actually disconcerting. It reminds me of chemistry lessons on Esters. I'd give this particular bottle a score of 4/11. Smooth, and drinkable, but not what I'd call 'the one'.

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