Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Old Skool Pork Chops with Apply Sauce

Eazy, we iz takin it Pork Chops.
Back to the Old Skool. Revisiting times gone past. Like our mama used to make back in da Bronx, respect.

We pimped some police meat from the mall.
Was asking what our bro behind the meat counter was packing, and checking and wreckin' his recommendation we went with the pig. We also some got some phat apples, and the king of all subterranean vegetation (potatoes), word up to the tuba crew!

Whilst we was workin on the potatoes, ma homie got on tha grind with the apple sauce. Apples was peeled and sauced with cinnamon, Bling Bling. Courgette were lightly cooked like the bones of our enemies. The pork was grilled, everything was sorted, on da plate, word...

written by guest writer
Jeremy La Varara-Medlock-Smith

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