Thursday, 15 February 2007

Wagon Wheels, as much fun as when you were 8?

I remember when I was eight; a Wagon Wheel in my lunch box used to basically make my day. They were slightly more exotic than the obligatory penguin, a little bit more interesting than a twix. I guess Wagon Wheel nostalgia is the same for a lot of people round my age…So, are they as good at nineteen as they were way back when?

To begin with, I want to state that I didn’t want to diss the wagon wheel in this blog. Really, I didn’t, it feels like chucking out your childhood toys or kicking an old much-loved family pet; but being completely honest they’re just plain rubbish.

For starters I’d like to know where the jam went? It definitely wasn’t in the wagon wheel I bought ...the marshmallow filling kind of tasted plastic-y and the wafer and chocolate wasn’t much better. All in all, it just tasted, well, tasteless.

The only thing that seems like an improvement eleven years on, I guess, was the rather dubious double entendre of a slogan “you’ve got to grin to get it in” printed on the front of the pack; that definitely seemed a helluva lot funnier…

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