Saturday, 24 February 2007

Shrove Wednesday?

Sadly both of us missed cooking up some pancakes on Shrove Tuesday because of crucial prior engagements, so basically we re-arranged Pancake Day for Wednesday. Fearing divine intervention through our lax attitudes to Christian religious holidays and our embracement of Chinese New Year, we had the savvy idea of providing an appropriate feast for the gods.

Like the Holy Trinity of The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost our offering was to entail three separate entities. The feast was to begin with a double savoury course and then climax in a sweet banana flavoured sticky mess.

Pancake One

Finely chopped bacon
Gruyere Cheese
Shitake Mushrooms
Baby Spinach and Rocket

We began by frying the mushrooms and bacon together and whence this was completed we placed the pan to once side and grated the Gruyere cheese into a separate bowl.

The pancakes were fried normally then flipped over. Centrally to the cooked side of the pancake we added the bacon, then the rocket and spinach and finally Gruyere cheese. When the secondary pancake side was cooked, we folded the pancake over to create a pancake worthy of mighty Ghanesh himself.

Pancake Two

Smoked Salmon
Crem Fraishe
Ground Black Pepper

Lemon and black pepper were key ingredients for this offering, which we felt symbolised both hope and our remorse at missing Shrove Tuesday. We felt chives may have helped both the flavour, and the symbolisation of remorse (Obviously not hope!), however they weren’t in stock at Tesco…

For this pancake we pretty much just made a normal pancake and when it was done cooking added some Crem Fraishe, smoked salmon, a bit of lemon and a shake of pepper.

Pancake Three

Canadian Maple Syrup (preferably from Qu├ębec, although Ontarian syrup will do)

For the climatic and most crucial moment of our meal, we knew we had to pull something special out of our metaphorical hat to appease the gods, and I believe we did. The bananas and rum were added to the pancake batter pre-frying, and when done Maple syrup was lightly drizzled over the pancakes to astounding effect.

postscript - no one has been smited yet...

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