Monday, 12 February 2007

Green Prawn, Chilli Risotto

To provide inspiration from a lacking collection of ingredients, we pretty much just use google. It’s simple; got a crab, some leeks and a couple of eggs, type it all into the said, awe-inspiringly powerful search engine (thanks for the crystal meth and the hookers google!) and in less than a second you can find a recipe for some kind of weird shit quiche.

That’s how we got the idea for a Green Prawn, Chilli Risotto. Little were we to know the super-human effort required in tracking down green prawns in Manchester (our hometown). To be honest neither of us, I think, yet knows what the fuck a green prawn is? I mean, are they green? Where would you get one from, even if they do exist?...We tried Arndale fish-market to no luck.

Our search brought us to China town, where instead, we purchased a mix bag of all kinds of stuff from the bottom of the sea – it included whole Octopi! Very Tasty. There weren’t any green prawns in this veritable grab bag of Marine Biology however. So I guess it’s a lie calling it a Green Prawn Risotto…

When we got back from our quest it was time to kick off with the cooking, we sliced up all the carrots, celery, picked the crabsticks outta the seafood mix and cut up a red onion. We basically fried up the onion and celery and carrots in one saucepan, and got started with the risotto rice in another.

Once the carrots etc. had been appropriately cooked up we added some tinned plum tomatoes, water, chilli flakes and cumin seeds to the vegetable mix. Here’s where the worries started to set in, the sauce just looked far too watery for a risotto - We were lucky and it boiled off in time, it also kind of got soaked up by the risotto rice.

When the rice was just about done we chucked it in with the Vegetable mix, added our eclectic bag of seafood and gradually stirred in some grated Parmesan. Oh and we garnished it with a few sprigs of Coriander. The end product? Let’s just say if this risotto was a record it would be Pet Sounds, if it was a film Casablanca

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